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Ashlee slowly woke up to a small headache bothering her. She couldn’t remember anything at first but the memories of what happened were slowly creeping back. She remembered being back at Joey’s house getting tied up by Josh with Nikki beside her. Next the vision of the two people walking in and placing something over her nose that made her feel very sleepy and relaxed in her terrified state. She slowly opened her eyes hoping that it was a very bad dream. But it wasn’t. She didn’t recognize anything from where she was laying. All she could see were some light blue tiled walls, a shower curtain and a white ceiling. She figured that she was in a bathtub so she tried moving to get up but her arms were stuck to her sides and her legs were stuck together. Slowly looking down at her body she saw that she was wrapped in saran wrap from her ankles to her shoulders, wearing only in her pink bra and panties. Slowly panicking she tried calling out but a soft “mmph” came out of her sealed lips. Black tape keeping her lips together stopped her from spitting out the cloth in her mouth. “Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph mmph,” she softly cried out hoping someone would let her out of this nightmare. The doorknob clicked and the bathroom door creaked open followed by heavy footsteps. “Mmph!” she cried hoping whoever it was would let her out as the person pulled back the curtain showing a short black with a lime green strip hair, average sized girl wearing the clothes the kidnappers were wearing.
“Well well well, look who’s up,” the girl said to Ashlee.
“Mmmph,” a scared Ashlee replied with.
“You look lonely in there, maybe I should give you company,” she continued leaning over Ashlee as the scared girl’s eyes widened as the stranger got on top of her. “There, that’s not so bad now is it?” she asked twirling Ashlee’s light brown hair in her fingers with Ashlee squirming and crying below her captor.
“Where do you think she would have them?” Josh asked as they walked down the stairs.
“Not at her place, that would be too easy,” Joey said grabbing his car keys quickly.
“So where then?” Josh questioned closely following.
“I don’t know her too well, since I try to ignore her, but…” Joey paused and stopped walking and turned around, “I might have an idea.”
Nikki felt some warm sunlight gently hitting her cheek and gently sighed. It felt so good to her at that time making her forget everything else. Until she was startled by a bright camera flash pointed at her.
“Aww, don’t you just look so cute,” she heard a familiar voice say as she slowly opened her eyes and saw some small bars in front of her. She started looking around and kept seeing bars surrounding her with Courtney holding a digital camera. “You make a very cute baby Nikki, did you know that?” Courtney said confusing her. She tried to yell at Courtney but all that came out was a “mmmph” which caused her to widen her eyes and reach for the tape that was holding her mouth shut but she couldn’t move them from their silvery bonds behind her back as Courtney kept smiling. Nikki looked down and saw that she was in a baby diaper which started causing her to blush badly. “Aww, you’re so cute when you blush Nikki,” Courtney said raising her camera up to take another picture. “I think I should send this one to the whole school, don’t you?” she giggled as Nikki squirmed around trying to hide her face from the camera and hoping that Ashlee was ok and when the boys were going to save them. “There, I sent one to my beloved Joey to show him what a little kid you are,” Courtney smirked as Nikki tried to cuss her out.
moving Kidnapped? here so i hope no dumbasses think i stole it cause it's mine to begin with

part 4: [link]

part 2: [link]
Mr-me009 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Sadly short, to point out a flaw in it, I hate being a yes person and all, but I like where this is going!
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